Why Do You Need An Influencer Media Kit?

It will be wrong to say that it is only big influencer marketing companies that can be benefitted from a media kit. Macro and nano-influencers with small communities can also get benefitted from media kits.

What is a media kit for an influencer?

A media kit is like a portfolio for an influencer. It is a document in which an influencer can detail all his activities and results achieved. He can give his influencer marketing stat in the media kit for brands to determine his abilities to market their products.

You won’t need to write lengthy emails after making an interesting media kit that is visually appealing to brands. The media kit will reflect your influencer marketing dashboard so that the brands can easily make an opinion on your abilities.

Important points of a media kit

  1. Your bio

Make it slightly different from your Instagram Bio. Keep in mind that brands want to know more about you and if they get the same information everywhere, they could lose interest in your bio and tick you off from their influencer list.

  1. Give your social stat

With no fixed rule to select social stat, you can choose the data that reflects your true marketing spirit and influencer outreach. Also, you can create separate media kits to address big brands. Creating a media kit for each brand is a great idea as it will increase your chances of getting brands.

  1. Your demographics

Describe your audiences in detail so that brands can determine whether you are the right person for influencer marketing affiliation. They want to know who your audiences are, where they come from, and what their needs are. They will make a decision on whether you collaborate with them only after going through your demographics.

  1. Your blog or website

It is good to have a site or blog where you can showcase the brand you are working for. If you don’t have a site then you can get one designed for the influencer marketing marketplace. But never mind, if you don’t have one as you can remove it from your media kit.

  1. Previous partnerships

Depending on your work experience, you will have previous partnerships and client testimonials to substantiate your claims about your abilities for TikTok influencer marketing. You should provide details of every brand you have worked with to highlight your acceptability. Brands should be able to understand how you work and give results before collaborating with you.